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Posting a similar job, Viewing job statistics, Marking a job as filled, and Deactivating a job.

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To do any of these actions, take the following steps:

Step 1: click on the Jobs button on the top of any page in your account. This leads to your jobs page

Step 2: click on Options on the job, on the jobs page in your account. A drop-down appears. 

Step 3: click on the desired action in the drop-down. 

Note That Marking jobs as filled and deactivating jobs can be done on many jobs at a time. Also, marking jobs as unfilled and activating jobs (reactivating jobs that have been deactivated) can also be done on many jobs at a time.

To do any of these, take the following steps:
Step 1: select the intended jobs such actions are to be carried out on by ticking the check boxes on the left of the intended jobs, on the jobs page in your account.

Step 2: click on the Mark as Filled, Activate, Mark as Unfilled, or Deactivate button, located on the top right of the jobs page, right below the Search Jobs button OR at the bottom of the Jobs page.

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